Tribute To Rohith Vemula


There is no doubt that a person from a dalit background has to face atrocities and inferiority complexes in many spheres of life being it his University life or working life or his social sphere. The recent example of this is Rhoith Vemula the Phd scholar of Hyderabad Central University. His suffering went an extent where he found the final solution in the form of taking his own life. With his life a bright student, a loving son, a brother and a hope ended.

The evidences showed administration being partial and biased with the dalit students of the University. His letter to the VC shows how much social insecurity the dalit students were living with . However he has not blamed anyone for his death.

The political interventions in the University was one of the cause of this incident. The compalin by the MP of that area about the conflict to the HRD minister which lead to a superfast action of suspension of the dalit students from college as well as the hostel. Why did the VC was so biased? Was there political pressure to have a hindutva vicory? Yes i am definate about it!

With Rohith death nobody has won we all lost. Modi ji talks about development, international realtion, and his own people takes internal insecurity and casteism to the highest level making his rhetorics hollow and baseless. Before we sing tunes of “sbka sath sbka vikas” we must define the word “sab”.

How govt can end these caste based conflicts so that no more Rhoith Vemula has to die. The reason for such conflicts are the caste based reservations. The caste based reservations eat the mutual brotherhood and harmony like anything. From admission to universities to job in government students of upper class even being economically weaker than a dalit feel biased and avoided and this fire keeps increasing with their carriers where merit and economical positions are not the criteria but the caste in which you are born plays the pivotal role to decide your merit.Thus the the UR category student feels he didn’t get what he deserved. Poor and rich are in both categories either reserved or unreserved.

Dr B R ambedkar while making provisions for reservation for dalits had an idea to bring them into main stream today they have reached till the post of President of INDIA so ofcourse they are in mainstream. Now to have “sbka sath sbka vikas “we need to focus on economical backwardness rather than catse based help. Therfore Universities and govt offices must change the reservation criteria to economical situation of a fellow irrespective of his/her caste then only we can stop more Rohith Vemula or Rohit Gupta(Anonymous name)

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